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A code of ethics and your dream team.

Aggiornamento: 13 nov 2020

Your code of ethics is something very personal. There is no need to print it and give it to your employees or to share it on social media.

Before hiring the right persons who will create your dream team, you need to take a step backwards and consider a very important element. Without this precious element it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to create your dream team. This element is called a code of ethics. Have you ever heard about it? Could be. Today everyone is talking about it. First of all, big multinational corporations do this, even if, this phenomenon is contradictory for them. Behind this “good” concept there is only “obligation” and “fearmongering”. But it’s ok. What else should we expect from companies which only goal is to make profit?

Of course, the profit is very important, but that’s a result, not a goal!

Your code of ethics is the basis of everything. It is a pillar of your company and your team. It’s your guideline, which keeps you anchored to your dream.

It is something that moves you forward, inspires you and your customers, makes you grow and keep on aiming higher.


The #codeofethics is very personal. It shouldn’t be printed and put on bulletin board, not even given to your employees. It shouldn’t be downloadable from your website and proudly promoted on your social media. Nothing of this. Your code of ethics should be NATURALLY EXPERIENCED inside your company. It should be EASILY PERCEIVED from outside your company. Every single person in your team should easily and naturally transmit your idea of business. It doesn’t matter if we are speaking about a warehouseman, a desk clerk or an export manager.

For this reason, your code should be studied and designed in every detail. Once you create it, you cannot turn back. It will no longer be possible to make compromises and do a mediocre job, but only grow and become credible.

If you do it before hiring someone you will see that your dream team will be creating automatically. You will hire people who believe in what you believe, not people who just need a job.

If, however, you already have your team, you will need to work harder. The new code of ethics should be shared with your collaborators and some trainings will be required. Remember that we don’t need to change persons and their beliefs, we need to inspire them. The concepts like “orders” and “obligations” are old and counterproductive in business. Only inspired and sincerely motivated people will proudly contribute in your dream. And you will achieve success only if surrounded by people who believe in your dream.

I am not saying it will be easy, I am saying the change to good is possible.

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible.” 

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